In the national competition with his excellent English

Dobos Krisztián (7.a) reached the national round of the National Primary School Competitions. English is his passion, he spend most of his freetime with improving his English. He prepares conscientiously for the legendary hard competition. His supervising teacher is Beata Hartman-Huszti.

Spring is inside and outside

The spring has arrived at our school: our lovely plants started to blossom and in the classrooms the beautiful woks of children are greeting the season of the renaissance as well.

The best tale of friendship

The awards of talewriter competition called Erdei házikó were given on March 29, in Budapest at the Hungarian Telekom's Headquarters . I wrote about the friendship, however, as I have to feature ten given animals in the tale, I didn't have an easy job. I was very surprised, when I was called as a winner  in the age of 10-12 -as the youngest. The head of the jury was the Kossuth-prize winner Gryllus Dániel.

I encourage everybody, to write tales.

Dóra Bereczki 4.b

Gabriella Megyesi Fülöpné's student.

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