They brought their favorites

Both students and teachers brought their favorite poems, fabels, novels to the chain readings of the poetry day. We had fun and laughed on the funny lines and the poems that were a really literary experience.

Take part in the big adventure!

My confession: so many book so many adventures, since I can step into different worlds. Reading a book is a big travel where I can be in the role of my favourite character so I can get to know me better as well.

I encourage everybody to read books so that we can have more lifes at the same time. Bring your favourite book in a good condition with a short recommendation to our school's library so that others can be also parts of the big adventure.

Dóra Bereczki 4.b

Experiments, presentations and prizes

Our students from fifth to eighth grade did project exercises in six member groups about this year’s topic, the Earth and the soil for six months. They worked on their own and helped the group-mates in their work to make awareness-raising posters, wrote essays and planned presentations. Their job included making a reference to the art and the environmental protection, collecting other natural science facts and curiosities as well. The presentations had rich contents and the presenters implemented them in several creative ways. After that our contestants solved complex experiments where they had to use their physics, chemistry, maths, literature and history knowledges. To win this complex competition they needed some self-knowledge and the close cooperation with the team’s members so that everyone could help the team in his or her area of expertise.

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