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Galiba Festival

On 10th September we received the diploma with all due ceremony from Dr László Papp the mayor of Debrecen. We were granted because of our flower composition under the title „Games without checkmate or boardgame for two schools’.

We have created this composition for the 4th Galiba Festival- it is the ’little sister’ of the Flower Carnival for students- with our twin school, Szacsvay Imre Primary School from Oradea, Romania.

During the festival we could admire the other schools’ creative works too. Though we spent more time in front of the special one…We are very grateful to our colleagues, pupils, parents and all workers of DIM. We also say thanks to Szatmári Ízek Ltd. for all their support and works that made for us possible to take part in the festival this year.

We learn from each other

The staff of Szacsvay Imre Primary School came to visit us from Oradea with 50 teachers on 9th September to change some experience. They took part in the second and third lessons like Hugarian Grammar, English, Maths, P.E., Biology, Physics, History. After their arrival, in the first lesson our headmistress Dr. Pakurár Miklósné greeted them.

However, the one, that achieved the biggest success was our school tour led by pupils from 8.a. During the tour our guests got to know a special school image enriched with the students’ experiences, opinions. We closed the day with a sightseeing tour and visiting Agóra Science Centre.

Class 5.a visited ’Bűvösvölgy’

Avarka Horváth, one of the students from class 5.a won a special prize in a project connected with media awareness. She applied with a photo under the title ’Media in my grandparents’ era’. Owing to her creativity the whole class could travel to Budapest to the first media awareness centre on 9th September. During the visit the pupils could edit their own newspaper, news programme, what’s more they could participate in an action film. As a result, the day was not simple miracle, but exciting and unforgettable.