Be creative and collaborative!

We also got acquainted the 17 goals to be achieved by the United Nations till 2030, and the implementation of sustainable development. The lecture was given by Levente Ecsedi, the leading specialist of NI EHS EMEIA.

The most interesting thing, however, was that we were thinking together and gathering the things we could do for our environment.

For our valuable ideas, we received NI keychain and a canvas bag. 

Helium voice and AC/DC

I liked Tóth Pál's interesting and scientific performance because it was filled with experiments about mathematics, phyisics and music. We saw an experiment with a tune and a straw. He talked about Edison and Nicola Tesla and we could see experiments with the electricity. He showed us lots of experiments but my favorite was the one where he used helium. Here a boy had to breath in helium and his voice was high piched.I hope I can see experiments like this in the future.

Horváth Avarka 8.a

Our school was one of the ten schools that was chosen to have a performance by the NI Hungary Kft. . The point of the performance was to show the beauties of the natural science in order to inspire students to choose nature science as their future job.

With responsibility every day

We got to know the history of the waste on Monday presented by Csilla Domokos, the spokesperson of AKSD. The presentation was held in the frame of the Sustainability topic week. We learned that 47000 tons of waste is produced each year in Debrecen and people collect only 3300 tons for recycling. We would like to contribute to the significant raise of the amount of collected waste this year. So the 6th grade students who attended this presentation, will make their own presentations for the other classes based on what they heard and they share the valuable thoughts and ideas.

The programmes of the Sustainability topic week were organized by Erika Harasztiné Dorka.

You can check out the presentation: here.

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