With QR-code and bike to Lake Vekeri

On the occasion of the Sustainability week we have been a bicycle tour with our two teachers , Mrs. Haraszti and Mrs. Dombrádi to Lake Vekeri. We solved a QR Code Task sequence in 4-6 groups of students in connection with the lake’s natural beauties. For the right solutions we received rewards, but the surprise-series were not over, because the giant bubble maker set turned up. We really enjoyed the tour. We hope it will be several times.

Borsi Bálint 6.a and Szénási Petra 6.b

Recruiters in the kindergardens

Our first graders visited our sibling-kindergartens to call the preschooled children to school. Their show was compiled from the well-known traditional Gergely's day poems and songs and the little audience watched it with a very big interest. What's more it was a real surprise for the little preschooled children when our fourth-graders gifted them with beautiful paper hats with colorful ribbons on it. The cheerful atmosphere was enchanched by a delicious meal as well.

Yoga after ice-skating

We were ice skating ten times. Then we were very corious about yoga classes that held by one of our classmate's, Marci's mum, Andi néni. We learned how to balance in treestand, how to breathe correctly in exercises.
We really enjoyed the relaxation exercises at the end of sessions. We were so calm that somebody was falling asleep during it.

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