American pop culure in the SZUÁI

The Amerikai kuckó's leader visited our school,Ferenczy Kamilla accompained by Beth Baumgartner - English Language Fellow (USA) - who teaches English language to children who require a special education in Budapest. He gave us a lecture about  the "Pop Culture in the USA". I enjoyed the performance very much. I think it is very impotant to master a language both in grammar and in speaking. It's also useful that the teacher moved to Hungary for one year and she teaches the language now here.The performance was good and Beth seems to be expressly likeable. The lesson was about the American teenagers,  we understood it very well.

Tóth Péter 7.b

She gives a good example 

The fourth grader student, Bereczki Dora reads a lot and encourages others. She offered fifty seven literatures ,educational books, children's encyclopedias from her home library to our school. She has also  an other idea to promote reading, but she would like to talk about it on the poetry daily chain reading on 11 April.

That’s how you can

get to know the world around us. Observations, experiments were done on the TÁG TUDOR Natural science by 4.a class students. Their clever conclusions, essence questions, interest impressed their teachers as well.  To be continued next year: with new lab practices and a natural knowledge subject.

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