We became little graduated inventors

We have been at the museum of the Calvinistic College of Debrecen. One of the most interesting workshops  was about the witty* professor Hatvani. We saw the first globe with Hungarian words on it. We were absolutely amazed about the several hundreds books. We could try experimental tools. But the most interesting thing was an ancient 'Cuckoo-clock' whose voice we could hear.

At the end of the workshop we became little graduated inventors.

Women’s historical season

gave the oppertunity to the lecture in English, that the Amerika Kuckó’s organizer Krisztina Jilling,  the Debreceni Egyetem’s PhD student held about the women’s perspective. She detailed their role in several historical times and we got to know some  determinative personalities too. As for me, the most interesting part was when the performer was talking about the Victorian area, and he told us that women had to be perfect. I think we are very lucky, that we can learn and we will have the opportunity to work. I recommend this lecture for everyone who is interested in this topic, because those women were very persistent and it is honorable that they dared to stand up for themselves and for the women’ equality.

Rásó Lili 7.b


We joined again

to the TeSzedd event for the cleaning of our school’s surrounding area. One of our eyes’ cried, the other one  laughed: we started equiqed with sacks, but we barely found any trash.

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