Foundation for Szoboszlói Úti Általános Iskola

4031 Debrecen, Szoboszlói út 3.
Bank account Nr. : 10403428-34218367

Dear Parents,

After closing the last fiscal year, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Szoboszlói Úti Általános Iskola would like to express its thanks - in this way too - for the financial assistance provided by the former students, parents, supporting community and other stakeholders.

Please support us according to the following opportunities in the new fiscal year as well:

  1. 1% of your income tax can be proffered to be transferred to the bank account of the foundation
  2. financial support can be transferred directly to the bank account of the foundation.

The Foundation for SzoboszlóiÚtiÁltalánosIskola carries out public benefit activities related to education, training, skills development and knowledge disseminating.

The Foundation for SzoboszlóiÚtiÁltalánosIskola first of all supports the students of the school but invests its facilities. The receipts provided from the 1% of the income tax in 2013 was 802,446 HUF.

Last year the foundation sponsoredby 546,000 HUF the students of theschool and the school work related activities.

The IT-network was implemented in our school,in order to ensure the protection of students by providing safe Internet access and browsing activity. This system was supported by the foundation by purchasing IT equipment at a cost of 202,740 HUF.

Our work is assisted by the digital photo copier bought in the year 2008 of which its maintenance and operational costs were covered from this amount as well.

Our foundation is entitled to the 1% of the income tax.
If you agree with our endeavors (initiatives) and you would like to help our work you can support us with 1% of your income tax. We would use the offered money for obtaining the well defined objectives of the foundation.
"The children's mental, physical, spiritual education, participation in their social assistance and advocacy. (...) For this reason the organization is involved in local and national public life. The foundation carries out active educational, cultural, sports, environment and nature protection, health, social activities."

Debrecen, 23 01 2015

With thanks for your selfless support, respectfully:

Mrs. Gabriella Fülöpné Megyesi
Chairman of the of Trustees

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