Way to the finals

Last september my mum discovered on the internet that an online championship in different subjects will start and it’s called Tudásbajnokság. She sent my apply the same day. The teacher advertised this competition in the class too, so that I could take part with four other classmates.

The point of the competition is, that every month a test will arrive and you can get points by sending them back the good answers. In this year I applied for Maths, Literature, Comprehension and Grammar subjects. Whoever sent back the answers of the first five rounds, that could take part in the county round. This took part on 10th of April 2019 at the DE Kossuth Lajos Primary School. For those competitors who went there with one subject, they had 45 minutes to finish, and I went there with three, and I had 90 minutes to finish the test. After the competition, we checked my answers with my teacher and my Literature turned out to have no mistakes in it. From every county only one student can take part in the finals which is now held for the 20th time ,  which is going take part at 2019. 1st of june at Szeged. We are waiting for our results with great excitement, which we knew from that who could proceed to the finals. While reading the scoreboard, great happiness filled me, I will be there at Szeged with two subject. I hope I will do good on the finals, I am really looking forward to it. Two of my classmates took part very nicely as well: Elek Dorottya, she became the second place in Math, Bereczki Dóra, she became the fourth place in comprehension.

I can only encourage everyone, that they should take part in this competition, because don’t just use your old knowledge, you can learn a ton of new stuff as well.


Cseh Milán, student of 4.b

His teachers: Fülöpné Megyesi Gabriella and Szilágyi Andrea

We saved 440 trees

On the 10th and 11th of April was the spring waste collection in our school.We collected all in all 22 thousand kilograms of papers wich saved 440 trees, our income was 227 thousand Hungarian Forints. Thank you for everyone who helped us in the collecting.

Karsai Ágota

Dök patronage teacher


All Good

Healthy eating, regular exercise and protecting our environment were the theme of the roadshow that our Derecskei Gyümölcsös held for our entire lower section.

They provide school fruit for the school year, so the personal encounter was  lucky. In addition to great fun, we learned a lot of new things. Thanks you.


New class photos for our alumni tableau

Our former student, Zoltán Elek surprised us with many interesting class pictures. With these images, our alumni photo base is mostly complete. We are waiting for the other ones, because we are going to celebrate a big anniversary: our school will be 60 years old!

Every Hungarian’s May Day, May 11st 2019

On Saturday, 11st of May a nine member delegation represented our school at Oradea, at Every Hungarian’s May Day Festival, which was organised by our twinning school , the Szacsvay Imre Primary School.

It’s a tradition now that we take part at the event and introduce our school. This year participants came from classes 4.b and 5.b.

Show: Dances of Gömör