World champion gymnast

 Abigél Toók (3.a) brought home a World championship gold medal from the World Cup in Serbia in the end of October. With breathtaking acrobatic elements and well-crafted coregraphy, she was able to rise onto the top of the podium. She was a little bit nervous, as she said in the school report, as without her parents, she travelled alone with her teammates and some competitions were put off because of the pendemic situation. After the first moves, she focused on the practice and was even able to communicate with the audience. This exceptional communication was also highlighted by the international sport judges. She's only at grade three, but she's already a real pro! CONGRATULATION!

The World Cup coreography video can be wieved here:


Abigél's personal experiences can be read down below:


(Translated by Vojth Balázs – Class 8.a)