Versatile Agility and Strength Exercises on the European Student Sports Day

We organized the European Student Sports Day again this year. All of our classes used the opportunity to join the programs between the 23rd and the 30th of September. Thus all the grades succeeded to achieve the stated goal. In the lower grades it was a big trial to complete the 2020 meter run, but by the end of ever increasing hardships this challenge was met, too. For the remaining time of the classes we continued with playful gymnastics and running-jumping exercises. We also organized a pull-up competition in the street workout park of the school. In the schoolyard we provided the opportunity to play ping-pong and badminton. On the artificial turf we built the children’s athletics course for the lower graders, and for the upper graders we created an obstacle course. In these events our students could test their skills and in some cases their courage. Every class ended with physical activity games and relay races while paying attention to the epidemiological recommendations and regulations. By the end of the classes each of our participating students were pleasantly tired. They all had a great time. This program was organized by Andrea Szilágyi, the work-community leader teacher.