Four unforgettable days in Transylvana

70 students of our school got acquainted with the natural beauty of Transylvania and the cultural and historical values of the Hungarians from 30 September to 3 Otober 2019. with the help of the application „Határtalanul”. We visited our sister school in Nagyvárad and we placed our wreath at the monument to the Martyr of Arad for the fourth time. The program was awarded from 2.280.000 Forint that was written by Beáta Halász Baloghné and Anikó Tikász Bujdosóné. Erika Dorka Harasztiné and Orsolya Pavetits took part in the study trip as well. The project will be closed on the Natinal Unity Day in June, where we will meet our cross-border charter school again.