Visit the Anna Frank Exhibition

We were delighted to read that a traveling exhibition about the tragically fateful German girl Anne Frank is coming to Debrecen again.

We lived with the opportunity and we visited the Méliusz Juhász Péter Library with my class 5.a. The tableau brought to life the stages of Anne's short life, in parallel with world historical events. At the beginning of the session we watched an interesting film about the life, escape, and hiding of Anne Frank's family. But the most interesting thing was the story writing! The children had to write their own story with the help of the location, character, and property cards they received. Very creative stories were born, we all applauded them!

We left with a nice experience. The result of the exhibition is that many stdents would like to read the book "Anne Frank's Diary".

Tibor Kocsis, form teacher class 5.a