Our students in the Innonic Group

In the Digital Themeweek  the students of the 7. and 8. class made a visit at the Innonic Group’s

e-trading and webshop developing company. The students could catch a glimpse of the offices and their  works as well, as they solved the Innonic Group’s practical and lifelike exercises.  The activity was showed to us in connection of the development and we got to know what type of ability do they mainly need  on this workarea.

The kids worked as a real team on the given exercises and they have gained experince about the joint work, and they could try themself in different exercises.

Thanks to the Innonic Group’s team for making this possible for the future’s IT Professionals.

The students’ activityis shown in the pictures.

     Harasztiné Dorka Erika

The Digital Themeweek’s organizing teacher

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