„Life is mirroring your actions, and gives back what you give to others. Life is not a series of occasional events, but a mirror to your actions.”

The Hungarian Hospice Foundation’s project, the „Field of Hope” addresses the child’s soul.
The aim of the project is to draw attention towards the importance of love, responsibility, family, loss, care, honesty, friendship, and the joy of having company.
Educating kids about those things is important, because they are interested in these thoughts, and when they do not get answers to some of these questions, they might develop anxiety.

The project allows kids, not only to ask their questions and get answers, but they would get to meet these thoughts by games, stories, conversations, and various programmes, appropriate to their age.

We find it important to improve their social competence, which is indispensable for social relationships.

  1. Overview:
    In 1991, the Hospice approach appeared in our country. It helps patients in the last phase of their lives, and improves the quality of their lives. The care is not only physical, but also social, spiritual, and it also helps the relatives of the patient.
    In 2007, the Hospice Foundation started a project in Budapest and Debrecen, called the „Field of Hope”. The daffodil has become its symbol.
    The original project came from Scotland, but the Hungarian Hospice Foundation is using the Polish model from Krakow.
    From 2008, our school has joined „Field of Hope” – the project of Hungarian Hospice Foundation.
  2. The aim of the project
    The aim of the project is to educate children about death, sickness and loss, help them come in terms with those things, and improve their openness about compassion, care, and love.
    Every student at our school takes part in the project. The 6. a class, led by form-master Kocsis Tibor, pledged, that they will follow the monthly topics proposals all year.