The Beloved Earth brought an award

Our student, Tóth Fruzsina Laura (7.a), won the 5. place with her drawing (Beloved Earth) in the county competition organised by the National Chamber of Agriculture in Hajdú-Bihar County and the Beautiful Garden Journal in 2020. The reward for Fruzsina and her drawing teacher, Antal Tünde, was not only a valuable prize and certificate, but they could spend an aftermoon in the Agricultural/ Food Science and  Gardening Faculty of Debrecen University and they could meet with the most modern and the most promising horticultural gardening researches, as well. Congratulations on the reward, we will utilize our experience in the Eco-school program.

(Translated by Szénási Petra – Class 8.b)


Our talent scholarshiper is on film now

On 3rd November 2020, the National Talent Seeker Program started the „Local Talent Support Month” for the first time. The city of Debrecen is having a Talent Friendly Municipalitial award, so four talented teenagers from Debrecen got invitation. Besides my three talented friends, I also got opportunity, as I am a tutoral and scholarshiper of the Talents of Hungary.

For me, the shooting was full of excitement. Photos were taken of us for nearly 2 hours and we also got interviewed. I introduced my B category competiton exercise, with help of my coach I could practice acrobatic elements too.

On the shooting, the following people attended me: my coach, the professional leader of the Diamond Fitness SE: Purcsel Zsuzsa, my mentor, the leader of the regional MATEHETSZ talent central Baloghné Maklári Mónika, as well as my mom. They interviewed all of us. The opening film which was taken on the shooting scene can be found on the following link:

Thanks for the opportunity to my mentor, to my coach, to my school’s teachers and to my family.

Let’s have talent a common case!

„Notice that if a kid is unique, he/she is not unique because he/she wants to be unique, more likely because he/she can’t be someone else.” (Szabó Magda)


Berki Nóra 7.a class

(Translated by Szepesi Vince – Class 8.a)